Shopify uses OAuth 2 for authentication.

To use this backend, you must:

  • Install the Shopify python library:

    pip install --upgrade ShopifyAPI
  • Register a new application at Shopify Partners

  • Configure your Shopify app to use the application URL of https://[your domain]/login/shopify/

  • Configure your Shopify app to use the callback URL of https://[your domain]/complete/shopify/

  • If you’re using Django, add the backend to your AUTHENTICATION_BACKENDS configuration:

  • fill API Key and Shared Secret values in your django settings:

  • fill the scope permissions that you require into the settings Shopify API:

    SOCIAL_AUTH_SHOPIFY_SCOPE = ['write_script_tags',
  • If you’d like to, you can set your desired Shopify API version in your settings:


ShopifyAPI 5.0.0 introduced a non backward compatible change in order to support Shopify API versioning. The backend will default to value 2019-04 but it’s possible to override the default with the following setting: