Etsy OAuth2

Etsy supports the OAuth 2.0 protocol using Authorization code with Proof Key for Code Exchange (PKCE) flow.


  1. Register a new Application Link in your Etsy Account.

  2. Fill Client ID in SOCIAL_AUTH_ETSY_OAUTH2_KEY in your project settings:


    Note: Client Secret isn’t required via this flow.

  3. Enable the backend:


Extra Configuration

  • You can specify the scope that your application requires:

    SOCIAL_AUTH_ETSY_OAUTH2_SCOPE = ["shops_r", "shops_w", ...]

    You can see all possible values at Etsy OAuth 2.0 provider API Scopes.

  • You can specify PKCE challenge method:


    The possible value for this is only S256 which is set by default.

    You can see more information about PKCE at RFC7636.