Fitbit supports both OAuth 2.0 and OAuth 1.0a logins. OAuth 2 is preferred for new integrations, as OAuth 1.0a does not support getting heartrate or location and will be deprecated in the future.

  1. Register a new OAuth Consumer here

  2. Configure the appropriate settings for OAuth 2.0 or OAuth 1.0a (see below).

OAuth 2.0 or OAuth 1.0a

  • Fill Consumer Key and Consumer Secret values in the settings:

    SOCIAL_AUTH_FITBIT_KEY = '<your-consumer-key>'
    SOCIAL_AUTH_FITBIT_SECRET = '<your-consumer-secret>'

OAuth 2.0 specific settings

By default, only the profile scope is requested. To request more scopes, set SOCIAL_AUTH_FITBIT_SCOPE:


The above will request all permissions from the user.