Testing python-social-auth

Testing the application is fairly simple, just met the dependencies and run the testing suite.

The testing suite uses HTTPretty to mock server responses, it’s not a live test against the providers API, to do it that way, a browser and a tool like Selenium are needed, that’s slow, prone to errors on some cases, and some of the application examples must be running to perform the testing. Plus real Key and Secret pairs, in the end it’s a mess to test functionality which is the real point.

By mocking the server responses, we can test the backends functionality (and other areas too) easily and quick.

Installing dependencies

Go to the tests directory and install the dependencies listed in the requirements.txt. Then run with nosetests command, or with the run_tests.sh script.


You can use tox to test compatibility against all supported Python versions:

$ pip install tox  # if not present
$ tox


At the moment only OAuth1, OAuth2 and OpenID backends are being tested, and just login and partial pipeline features are covered by the test. There’s still a lot to work on, like:

  • Frameworks support