PixelPin only supports OAuth2.

PixelPin OAuth2

Developer documentation for PixelPin can be found at http://developer.pixelpin.co.uk/. To setup OAuth2 do the following:

  • Register a new developer account at PixelPin Developers.

    You require a PixelPin account to create developer accounts. Sign up at PixelPin Account Page For the value of redirect uri, use whatever path you need to return to on your web application. The example code provided with the plugin uses http://<yoursite>/complete/pixelpin-oauth2/.

    Once verified by email, record the values of client id and secret for the next step.

  • Fill Consumer Key and Consumer Secret values in your settings.py file:

  • Add 'social_core.backends.pixelpin.PixelPinOAuth2' into your SOCIAL_AUTH_AUTHENTICATION_BACKENDS.