Twitter offers per application keys named Consumer Key and Consumer Secret. To enable Twitter these two keys are needed. Further documentation at Twitter development resources:

  • Register a new application at Twitter App Creation,

  • Check the Allow this application to be used to Sign in with Twitter checkbox. If you don’t check this box, Twitter will force your user to login every time.

  • Fill Consumer Key and Consumer Secret values:

  • You need to specify an URL callback or the OAuth will raise a “403 Client Error”. The callback URL should be something like “

  • You can request user’s Email address (consult Twitter verify credentials), the parameter is sent automatically, but the applicaton needs to be whitelisted in order to get a valid value.

  • You’ll need to apply for Elevated access via the Developer Portal, see Twitter access levels for more info.

Twitter usually fails with a 401 error when trying to call the request-token URL, this is usually caused by server datetime errors (check miscellaneous section). Installing ntp and syncing the server date with some pool does the trick.