Twitter offers per application keys named Consumer Key and Consumer Secret. To enable Twitter these two keys are needed. Further documentation at Twitter development resources:

  • Register a new application at Twitter App Creation,

  • Check the Allow this application to be used to Sign in with Twitter checkbox. If you don’t check this box, Twitter will force your user to login every time.

  • Fill Consumer Key and Consumer Secret values:

  • You need to specify an URL callback or the application will be marked as Client type instead of the Browser. Almost any dummy value will work if you plan some test.

  • You can request user’s Email address (consult Twitter verify credentials), the parameter is sent automatically, but the applicaton needs to be whitelisted in order to get a valid value.

Twitter usually fails with a 401 error when trying to call the request-token URL, this is usually caused by server datetime errors (check miscellaneous section). Installing ntp and syncing the server date with some pool does the trick.